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How can I find the instantaneous directional vector of 3D dubins vehicle?
Rotating an object with Quaternions
Weird behavior on Timestamp query heap for GTX 1080
Visual Studio 2015 community - Problem SDK Target
Reading binary file in C++ skips 0s?
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Visuals • final alice
Links & Papers • Joint Importance Sampling of Low-order Volumetric Scattering
Frame buffer for spectral rendering
Heckbert ray grammar and today BRDF
Visuals • ket is for horses
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Layoffs strike Gameforge as publisher abandons mobile
Wooga cuts 40 staff in renewed focus on casual games
Nintendo: Switch video does not represent actual game footage
How to create a successful developer livestream

Harvard Researchers Print World's First Heart-On-A-Chip
Study Finds Little Lies Lead To Bigger Ones
Consumer Reports Ranks Tesla Model X Near Bottom For Reliability
Twitter Plans To Cut About 300 Jobs As Soon As This Week: Bloomberg
People Like Netflix's Original Content More Than Its Other Content: AllFlicks
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recommend me a place to score some antibiotics
Please pray with me for the vesti users who have a PS VR
Why would people wanna be like Jesus?
Kissing a woman is considered sexual assault. This is so complicating when dating.
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Project image

Project image

Epic Orphan: A Nuclear Risk Game

Dragon Bros - Metal Slug meets Bubble Bobble

3D Total
Polish 3D modeler Dawid Cencora talks about creating overweight superheroes using ZBrush, and shares work from his portfolio...
Silver Bullet Squad by Chris Cragg : new gallery image in Cartoon
Even Earlier Man by Magnus Muller : new gallery image in Cartoon
In part two of the Know the Basics: Maya 2017 series, Paul Hatton explores the viewports and navigation...
Gina Nelson and Daniel Bloecher share some top Photoshop tips, while Andrei Lazar shares a video tutorial for dealing with V-Ray's lightmeter...
Pouet latest Prod: Venus Express by Aleksi Eeben

7 classic arcade games that can still teach developers lessons today
These classic arcade games have tight controls, layered mechanics that are easy to grasp but difficult to master, inspired uses of music, creative powerups, and efficient storytelling. ...
Celebrate 75 Years of Wonder Woman With Entertain Art
79996CP000Wonder Woman recently celebrated her 75th birthday and she looks better than ever. The Amazonian demigoddess is getting a dedicated solo movie (out next year), just became a UN Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment […]
Purple Flowers.

Purple Flowers. Wageningen, Netherlands. By Aiman Ishak.


Dev Blog #5 – Visual Development of Lake Ridden
Dev Blog #5 – Visual Development of Lake RiddenTime for a whole batch of fresh screenshots from Lake Ridden! We're working on the textures and lights of the game at the moment.
Voice actors' union strike brings 250+ picketers to EA's front door
Deadline reports roughly 250 people showed up at Electronic Arts' Playa Vista, CA office to protest in person after U.S. actors guild SAG-AFTRA went on strike against EA and 10 other game companies Friday. ...
Pokemon Go’s First In-Game Event Is Halloween-Themed
Pokemon Go HalloweenPokemon Go was the biggest thing happening in the gaming world this past summer. It seemed as if everywhere you’d look, someone was playing this addictive mobile game (and hopefully not getting hit […]
World Of Final Fantasy: The Kotaku Review

There are two Final Fantasy games out this fall. One is Final Fantasy XV, the latest step in the evolution of the series and a far cry from the turn-based dungeon crawlers of the past. The other is World of Final Fantasy, a candy-coated celebration of everything that came before.


Trailer & Alpha Demo Launched!
Trailer & Alpha Demo Launched!Announcing </reality>, a sci-fi/fantasy visual novel about the nature of existence.
Heads up, devs: now does coupon codes
Game distribution platform has augmented its service with a small, but potentially handy feature for devs: coupon codes.  ...
Remembering Comic Book Artist Steve Dillon
preacherNews broke over the weekend that comic book artist Steve Dillon, who is most known for co-creating the series Preacher for Vertigo and reinventing the Punisher for Marvel in the 1990s, died at […]
I am a simple man who takes pleasure in simple things.

I am a simple man who takes pleasure in simple things. Like how Will Smith’s Switch is such a good/dumb fit with Nintendo’s debut Switch trailer.


Dev Diary: Monsters of Grand Vault - The Ragna
Dev Diary: Monsters of Grand Vault - The RagnaIntroduction on the primary enemy type of Project Grand Vault: The Ragna.
Following layoffs, Wooga confirms the death of Black Anvil Games
German game maker and publisher Wooga recently confirmed to PocketGamer that it has shut down its internal game studio Black Anvil Games and cut ties with Black Anvil chief Wilhelm Oesterberg. ...
Spider-Man Artist Releases Aptly Named ‘Learn How to Draw’ App on Android
drawWe can’t all be artists, but you might be able to fake it a little bit with the help of a new app from Spider-Man 2099 artist Will Sliney and developer Aidan Sliney. […]
Stitch Fought With Your Father In The Clone Wars

Adam Murphy is an artist based in Australia who over the past 25 years has worked as an animator and storyboard artist for studios like Disney and Lucasfilm.


Dev Update # 11 - Early Access Release and New Trailer
Dev Update # 11 - Early Access Release and New TrailerThe Frontier is now available in Early Access on Steam! You can check out its new trailer as well.
Developing the crazy combat of Warcube
Warcube is a physics-based action adventure game with a penchant for silliness. But the combat is no joke: Once an attack is made, everything slows down to allow the player to pull off crazy combos. ...
Five Secret Easter Eggs in NYC’s Google Store
Google_Store-opening-3Guest Writer: Sascha Segan – Lead Analyst, Mobile for Google is known for its Easter eggs. Whether you want to do a barrel roll, play Atari breakout or set things askew, the all-knowing, all-seeing […]
The Real Reinhardt Meets A Giant Reinhardt

The opening moments of this video star Darin De Paul, the voice actor behind Overwatch’s Reinhardt. Standing in front of a giant Reinhardt cosplay outfit, screaming Reinhardt quotes into a megaphone. It’s awesome.


Privateers Build v0.21 Released
Privateers Build v0.21 ReleasedThe changes in this build are pretty dramatic because I decided to take a step back and objectively evaluate if the game mechanics were working out we had hoped. After doing this, there were a couple of design choices that I decided to change

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Hyperloop One Leaked in New Teaser Video, Will Take Passengers from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in Minutes at 700MPH

Artist Uses Photoshop to Turn Son's Drawings Into Bizarre Real-Life Objects

New Case Transforms Your iPhone Into an Exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7

This Looks Like a Normal Wand at First, But Place it in Water? Its Magnetism Cleans Up Oil Spills

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