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Official Vulkan Programming Guide - Rough Cut
My Properly-Created OpenGL Context Is Lying To Me.
Fastest way to double buffer in Win32?
Simple Data Structure for quick look-up of "closeness" on 2D grid?
What to consider for an RPG damage formula?
So, I want to become a game devolper...
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Links & Papers • Joint Importance Sampling of Low-order Volumetric Scattering
Frame buffer for spectral rendering
Heckbert ray grammar and today BRDF
Visuals • ket is for horses
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Friction between Riot and League of Legends team owners
HTC Vive drawing more interest than Oculus from devs - VRDC survey
PS Now expands to PC
Remedy pushes for shorter dev cycles

NASA Astronaut Jeff Williams Sets New US Space Endurance Record With 521 Days
Global Warming Started 180 Years Ago Near Beginning of Industrial Revolution, Says Study
'Octobot' Is The World's First Soft-Bodied Robot
'Legalist' Startup Automates The Lawsuit Strategy Peter Thiel Used To Bankrupt Gawker
YouTube Plans To Bring Photos, Polls, and Text To Its Video Service
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My laptop can play Skyrim at low-settings, will it play Witcher 3?
2016 College Fantasy Football ===SETUP THREAD===
I just got an STD check and no one told me they were going to do a dick swab
Terrible parents.
**The Wrestling Video Games Discussion Thread**
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The Marble Game!

Hollywood: Make Your Own Blockbuster


Black Diamond Games - Community Game Center Expansion

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Pouet latest Prod: Chris Huelsbeck 30th Business Anniversary by Alpha Flight

Riot cofounder pledges to make League a more sustainable eSport
This week there's been a bit of public argument between a League team owner and Riot cofounder Marc Merrill over whether the game's design is stable enough to support long-term professional play. ...
Sanrio Boys are here to steal your hearts in new mobile dating game
coverDo love Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, and Pompompurin? Well maybe you would like the hot guys who love them too! Last month, the kings of cute at Sanrio announced […]
Look At This Enormous LEGO Star Destroyer

OliveSeon, a team of Korean LEGO builders, have designed and constructed one of the most impressive Star Wars creations I have ever seen.


Dr. Spacezoo - Early Access Update v0.8.1
Dr. Spacezoo - Early Access Update v0.8.1Dr. Spacezoo v0.8.1 brings a new weapon upgrade system, boss meters, off-screen indicators, leaderboards, achievements, and game modes: tutorial, story, action, permadeath, boss rush, and daily.
Q& A: 'Action Saxons' & historical accuracy in The Great Whale Road
The Great Whale Road just hit early access. Joachim Sammer, CEO of Sunburned Games, talks about the making of this story-driven strategy/RPG hybrid set on the medieval shores of the North Sea coast. ...
RPGCrate is a natural 20 for $30
rpgcrateDo you know what THAC0 is? If you do, then I call you brother (or sister). If you don’t, that’s no big; tabletop games are for more than just the super-old. And either […]
Please, Blizzard, please, give us this as an alternate option for Reaper’s ult in Overwatch.

Please, Blizzard, please, give us this as an alternate option for Reaper’s ult in Overwatch. TwistedGrimTV reimagined the bane of your existence and mine with a bit less grimdark edge and a bit more fabulous flash. It really is raining men. Hallelujah.


Pound the Puss (Walkthrough)
Pound the Puss (Walkthrough)Stuck on a problem? Here's exactly how to beat Pound the Puss!
Get a job: Smite dev Hi-Rez Studios seeks an Animator
The Paladins and Smite studio is hiring an experienced animator to join its studio in Alpharetta, Georgia to work on its current and future projects. ...
Your Instagram account shows how depressed you are
inkwellThe photos you post on social media may be saying more about you than you intend. Scientists from Harvard University and the University of Vermont have found that there is a strong correlation […]
Ten Years Later, Owlboy Is Finally Coming Out

The first post about Owlboy on evil-billionaire-proof Overwatch fansite Kotaku is from the year 2008. A certain Luke Plunkett tells me there are even older ones that didn’t survive a server change that same year. It’s now 2016, and the gorgeous adventure-platformer about a boy who is an owl (or perhaps the other way around) is finally about to come out.


Apocalypse Z Unreal 4 Dev log #6
Apocalypse Z Unreal 4 Dev log #6Sent to a Blacksite to re-establish lost contact and retrieve secret research data, your mission takes a turn for the worse. Welcome to Apocalypse Z where players take control of a character from an elite unit. The game is a Top Down 3D RPG shooter with basic crafting elements.
Video: Threes creator shares tips on making great game tutorials
Hot off the release of Threes, indie game maker Asher Vollmer speaks at GDC 2014 about how to empower your players (without patronizing them) through great tutorial design. ...
Norway promotes a penguin to rank of brigadier
sir-olav-penguinIf you hear the words penguin and rank used together, you’d probably assume the subject is breath or feces. A fish-heavy diet will do that. There is, however, the rare penguin that gets […]
Wooden Desktop Arcade Might Be the Most Beautiful Retro Hardware I've Ever Seen

8Bitdo, the company behind those Bluetooth SNES and NES controllers that let you play classic 8 and 16-bit games without annoying wires, is teasing this gorgeous wooden retro desktop arcade on its Facebook page, and at the Gamescom convention currently underway in Cologne, Germany.


Hide & Shriek Mansion 18 minute prototype demo
Hide & Shriek Mansion 18 minute prototype demoA walkthrough of many of our game mechanics in our prototype so far. We will be pitching this to investors, publishers and launching a kickstarter campaign with this video. Your comments and feedback are welcome!
Rovio's fortunes are on the rise in the first half of 2016
In a bit of a surprise move, Rovio reported earnings for the first half of 2016. The reason is clear: the numbers look good, with revenue for both Rovio as a whole and its games biz up year-over-year. ...
Supergirl mini-fig flies into Lego Dimensions next month as PS4 exclusive
Supergirl_1Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed that Supergirl will soon be coming to Lego Dimensions, but there’s a catch. She will only be available in Lego Dimensions Starter Packs for the PlayStation 4, […]
How Sega Made Pixel Art In The 80s & 90s

In a 21st century world of free software, powerful computers, tablets and mice, making pixel art is fairly easy! In the 1980s, though, your favourite games had to be made on expensive and highly specialised equipment.


Week 39 Progress
Week 39 ProgressOver the last 2 months we have been working hard on getting Labyrinth ready for you. Here is our week 39 Progress report!

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Sony Shadow Smartphone Doubles as a Portable Gaming Console with Slide-Out Gamepad

Newly Discovered Proxima B Planet is just 4.25-Light-Years Away, Could be Habitable Second Earth

RoboCar Devbot is World's First Driverless Race Car, Video Captures it In-Action

Local Motors Rally Fighter Gets Updated, is an Open-Source Vehicle You Build Yourself

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