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Soma generates profit on 450k sold
Star Wars: Uprising shutting down
Microsoft calls out Sony's 4K claims as console battle heats up
Riot commits to revenue sharing with LoL eSports players

Tuesday Was Microsoft's Last Non-Cumulative Patch
97% of the Top Companies Have Leaked Credentials Online
Cisco Blamed A Router Bug On 'Cosmic Radiation'
US Panel Extends Nuclear Power Tax Credit
Malware Evades Detection By Counting Word Documents
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Rate an artist: Ke$ha
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Project image

Special Committee - A Political Strategy Tabletop Game

Rewordable • The uniquely fragmented word game

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Pouet latest Prod: Short Mega Demo II by Exult

Insomniac, other devs condemn Palmer Luckey's support of pro-Trump troll group
Updated: Palmer Luckey's support for a pro-Trump political organization has drawn fire from VR developers and promises to cancel their games if he does not step down from Oculus. ...
The Exorcist could be this season’s scariest series
The cast of FOX's The Exorcist. (Photo via FOX)It’s a season full of TV remakes, and so far, they’ve been all over the map. One turned out way better than it had any right to be (Lethal Weapon), while another somehow […]
PC Development Update #3
PC Development Update #3A new Development Update with new screenshots for the Steam version of Fractal Space!
Get a job: Cryptic Studios is hiring a Character Artist
The Star Trek Online dev is hiring an artist to work closely with the rest of the team at its Los Gatos, CA studio and contribute to creating creatures, weapons, armor and costumes in its games. ...
Can MacGyver put together a decent remake?
MacGyver Title Sequence (Photo: Screenshot via CBS)It can’t be easy remaking a show like MacGyver. The original 1985 series, starring Richard Dean Anderson, has so thoroughly wormed its way into our culture that even people who never saw an […]
Race Into The Wilderness With Dog Sled Saga 

In a genre dominated by games about building cities or tending farms , Dog Sled Saga is a refreshing fusion of unlikely ideas and personal details. In developer Trichotomy’s game, the bustling metropolises are replaced with wintery cabins and side-scrolling tundras. Instead of harvesting crops, you train and nurture snow pups. There are no spreadsheets of information to optimize or boundless ambitions to fulfill. It’s just you, the dogs, and cut-throat sled racing in the great outdoors.


Toricky Available on Steam for *November, 2016*
Toricky Available on Steam for *November, 2016*Hello everyone, It has been a while since I've wrote a News here about Toricky. We're working hard to prepare the STEAM release for November 2016! Yes, it's coming very soon! Have you already watched Toricky's latest trailer ? Lot of cool new features are awaiting you: [-] An Old School designed platformer, illustrated with beautiful Manga visuals. [-] Main Theme by the legendary composer of Secret of Mana, Hiroki Kikuta. [-] Over 50 Crystars to find and save through immense zones.
Don't Miss: 20 Atari games every designer should play
Check out this classic 2008 feature from Gamasutra about 20 timeless Atari games showcasing intriguing mechanics or design decisions that modern game developers should study and learn from. ...
The Best Comedies Streaming On Netflix
The Best Comedies On Netflix StreamingFunny is one of the most subjective things in the world, and we’d be idiots if we guaranteed you’d laugh at every single film on this list. To assemble a list of the […]
Here's a Pretty Legit Gibsonian Cyberdeck

Back in the mid-80's, the “cyberdeck”—the neural-connected, on-the-go interface from William Gibson’s Sprawl Trilogy—captured the imagination of every cyberpunk fan. IMGUR user D10D3 has uploaded pics of one of the slickest attempts at a real Ono-Sendai Cyberspace 7 I’ve seen.


Tutorial Update
Tutorial UpdateThis week we bring you our exciting tutorial build!
Blog: How to show your indie game at any expo
A general and practical guide guide on how to show your indie game at any expo, including tips on how to prepare your booth, but also your build. ...
10 films to celebrate the beginning of Halloween season
trick-r-treatIt’s officially the start of fall, which means that it’s also officially the start of Hocus Pocus season. Or it’s Halloween season, whichever one you prefer. Either way, that means that a lot of us […]
Destiny’s New Raid Shows What Bungie Can Do By Ditching Last-Gen

Since Destiny launched in 2014, we’ve wondered what the game might look like if it didn’t have to run on PS3/Xbox 360 as well as PS4 and Xbox One. The new Wrath of the Machine raid, which is part of the current-gen only Rise of Iron expansion, gives a pretty good idea.


Hazy Islands on IndieDB!
Hazy Islands on IndieDB!Hazy Islands is my first "kinda real" game project. I have been working on this in my spare time for quite a while now, and i'd like to share my progess and experiences here.
Devs raise money for indie collective Juegos Rancheros via bundle
Fantastic Arcade is happening next week in Austin, Texas, and now a posse of high-profile indie devs are selling copies of games they'll be debuting at the Arcade in a new bundle on ...
Hulu developing highly sought-after graphic novel Postal for new series
postalStudios continue to pick up every comic property they can get their hands on for both movies and TV and Postal, the series from Top Cow and Image Comics, is the latest acquisition set […]
Sunless Sea is getting a sequel called Sunless Skies with a Kickstarter for the game launching somet

Sunless Sea is getting a sequel called Sunless Skies with a Kickstarter for the game launching sometime in February 2017. That’s according to an announcement made by Failbetter Games during an interview at EGX. The game is inspired by C.S. Lewis and Event Horizon, and is currently in pre-production.


Blog post #6: Rockets & environment!
Blog post #6: Rockets & environment!In the last two weeks we made some new assets and textures to dress the levels. We also added new tools for the player.

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